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Product Care

Dixie Seating Company furniture is made from solid Ash, Poplar and Hickory hardwoods. These natural woods are subject to the effects of the environment and should be properly used and cared for. Please follow these product care instructions to ensure the longevity of your Dixie Seating Company product:

Natural Woods

Dixie Seating Company uses natural hardwoods in the construction of each of our pieces. It is important to note that our wood has not been treated with any chemicals and should NOT be exposed to outdoor elements for any length of time. Dixie Seating Company products should be used in the following conditions:


Covered Porch Only (While in Use. If not in use, cover or bring indoors to protect the wood).

All woods are susceptible to rot and decay if left in damp, humid, and shady areas for a long time. Exposure to chemicals including solvents and chlorine, and exposure to common items such as alcoholic beverages, plants and flower nectar, as well as hot items (off of a grill, for example) can permanently stain and damage wood surfaces. Items should be checked every three months to make sure the fasteners are tight and the wood shows no sign of deterioration.

Caring for the Finish

The lifespan for any wooden patio furniture depends greatly on the weather it is exposed to. Properly maintaining your wooden furniture can make it last for many years and maximize your investment.

The most important part of caring for the finish of your product is to know what type of finish is on our products. Dixie Seating Company uses a two part catalyzed varnish. Varnishes are a hard, oil-based, moisture resistant finish.

Please note that although our products are finished in a catalyzed varnish, they are subject to darkening and lightening over time if exposed to an outdoor environment.

How-To Clean Your Product

The best method to keep your products looking good is to use a very mild soap (like a Murphy’s Oil soap) and a DAMP cloth. It is recommended that you DO NOT let water sit on the product or spray the product with a pressure washer or hose. The product should then be dried with a dry soft cloth.

Touch-Up Paint

Periodic repainting is necessary will all hardwood furniture dependent upon the environment that it is kept in. If your product needs repainting or a touch-up, please follow the guide below to see which option works best for your product and its finish:

White or Black

Use Valspar semi-gloss spray paint

All other finishes (Sienna Red, Green, Blue, Red)

We will supply touch-up paint for these finish colors if you have purchased your product within 90 days (as covered under our warranty)

If outside of 90 days, you can take your product to a hardware store and get the paint matched. All paints that are used on Dixie Seating Company products are Valspar paints. This paint can be found at any hardware store.

Please contact to request touch-up paint

Stained Color (Walnut, Cranberry, Medium Oak, Natural)

Use Old English Scratch Cover in dark or light

For dark finishes like Walnut and Cranberry, use the Old English Scratch cover for Dark Woods

For light finishes like Medium Oak and Natural, use the Old English Scratch cover for Light Woods

Unfinished Products

All Dixie Seating Company products are available in unfinished. Please note that all unfinished products MUST be sanded before being painted. Use 120 – 150 grit sandpaper for sanding all unfinished products.

Proper maintenance of your wood furniture will provide a long life over many years in a variety of weather environments. If you have any questions about the care of your product, please contact our customer service department at