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Furniture Construction

Made in America – Since 1931

Some chairs are made for aesthetics, not strength. At Dixie Seating, we make sure your chairs look great and last forever. Many manufacturers cut corners by using the old glue and pin-nail construction method. Because we want to make a product that can be passed down through generations, we take extra measures to ensure the durability of each of our chairs.

Our products are constructed using multiple pressure clamping, precisely machined components, interlocking joints, and the wood’s natural moisture to tighten joints. Frames are put under 400-600 pounds of pressure using the mortise and tenon joinery. The posts are dried to a specific moisture range and in combination with kiln dried stretchers create the expansion and swelling of stretcher dowel. The stretchers are further interlinked within the interior of the leg post to create a wood to wood solid joint.

Each Dixie Seating product is made using an assembly method which provides for a fail-safe, stronger and more durable construction method. All products are made using interlocking wood joints, similar to a dovetail wood-to-wood joints  you find in other furnishings. This process actually locks the product together.  Then the product is clamped together using 400-600 pounds of pressure to force-fit the joint together. The last piece of the assembly process is to use the moisture and drying of wood to different moisture content to provide a shrinking and swelling of wood. This process provides for continually increased strength of joints as the product ages.